Welcome to the Business PhD Wiki

This is a wiki to provide support for prospective applications to PhD programs in business schools. This website is meant to host a living document providing up-to-date information on applying to Business PhD programs based on the following two documents:

In addition, we have also put together a public Google drive folder with example essays and CVs from previously successful applicants for your reference:

Combined, these two documents cover a lot of ground in terms of helping a potential applicant figure out what it means to pursue a career in academic research in a business school environment. We hope you will check them out and that these documents are useful for you in your search.

We are also in the process of transferring and integrating these two documents into different sections of this wiki. Our hope is that this website can become an ever-evolving information source for future, current and past business school PhD students about a variety of topics in this area. Registration is free and easy – so we look forward to you joining this fledgling online community!